PAWS+ Hemp Oil Drops For Pets


Specially formulated for our smaller friends with paws, PAWS+ from Highland Pharms is a lower concentration of cannabidiol (CBD) so that you’re not wasting money.  This is a lower concentration of our same Ultra Rich, High Quality CBD Hemp Oil Drops for a lower price.  These are ideal for smaller pets, 20lbs or so and under.  For larger pets, the 250+ or 500+ Hemp Oil Drops are probably the smarter purchase.  They are all made with the same ingredients; the Paws+ is simply less concentrated for smaller animals.

Natural Plant Well-Being for Our Animal Friends!

We infuse the oil with our same Full Spectrum Cannabinoid Extract, so your pets are getting the same great benefits of the full spectrum of cannabinoids, without any effect of ‘high’ or psychoactive effects..  You may find that your pet sleeps better and is more rested, as many people have reported that their insomnia and restless leg syndrome has all but gone away while taking Highland Pharms CBD products.  But, your pets will not be ‘high’.  In fact, you can even take it yourself, if you wish to try it.

Typically, start with 10 drops of PAWS+, then increase or decrease based on your findings.  The bottle has approximately 500 drops, so there are 50 – 10 drop servings in a 1-ounce bottle.
We treat our pets like family members, so why shouldn’t they get to experience the same well-being that humans do?  Let’s face it, our pets are subject to many of the same health issues that we are.  Why wouldn’t we give them the same chance at a healthy life?  (note: we cannot make any health claims as to what CBD will or won’t do for your or your pets).


Ingredients (25ml):
  • MCT Oil
  • CBD Hemp Extract
  • All Natural Strawberry Flavoring
Order CBD PAWS+ today for your dog, cat, bird, hamster or reptile.  (or ferret, raccoon, deer…..)
Weight 3 oz

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